Acer Predator X34 vs Z35: In-Depth Comparison 2021

Acer Predator X34 vs Z35 – Albeit the Acer Predator X34 and Z35 screens look practically the same, there are some critical contrasts between them. The two of them might be made by Acer, have a comparable plan, and are a comparative size, however the distinction in their goal, invigorate rate, and board type mean they are most appropriate to various requirements.

Acer Predator X34 vs Z35

Acer Predator X34 vs Z35

For a great many people, the X34 will give a better encounter than the Z35. Thinking about the huge size of these screens, the 1440p goal of the X34 will give a fundamentally more keen picture to the Z35’s 1080p goal. The X34 additionally utilizes an IPS board which is vastly improved at replicating colors than the Z35’s VA board. The possibly time I would suggest the Z35 is in the event that you will utilize the screen for speedy, serious gaming because of the greater revive rate.


As far as the plan of these screens, they are basically the same. They are practically the same in size with the X34 having a 34″ ultrawide screen and the Z35 a 35″ ultrawide screen (thus the names). The two screens have a “gamer” vibe to them, however by and by, I incline toward the style of the X34 as it’s somewhat more smooth.


Perhaps the greatest distinction between these screens is the goal. The X34 is 1440p, though the X35 is just 1080p.

Thinking about the huge size of these screens, the X34’s 1440p goal will look essentially more keen than the Z35 because of the greater pixel thickness. This is the primary explanation I suggest the X34 over the Z35 for a great many people. In the event that you will play vivid games, doing visual depiction, content creation, or essentially something besides quick moving gaming, you will need the higher goal for a screen of this size.

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In any case, you do have to consider that 1440p is more requesting than 1080p so you should ensure your equipment can deal with it. There is likewise a trade off between these two screens as the Z35 has a higher invigorate rate which I will discuss straightaway.

Revive Rate

Another distinction between these two screens is the invigorate rate. This is the measure of times the image on the screen invigorates each second. A higher invigorate rate implies a smoother experience.

The X34 has a revive pace of 100hz and can be overclocked to 120hz. The Z35 has an invigorate pace of 144hz and can be overclocked to 200hz.

This is the place where the Z35 has the edge. On the off chance that you need the smoothest experience conceivable and you will forfeit a higher goal (frequently the case assuming you play quick moving FPS games), you should think about the Z35.

In any case, truth be told, the distinction isn’t unreasonably a lot. It will be observable, yet as the revive rate gets higher it turns out to be progressively less perceptible. Assuming you’re discussing the contrast somewhere in the range of 60hz and 144hz, that is very critical, yet the distinction here will not be that observable.

Board Type and Response Time

Another distinction is the board kind of these screens. The X34 has an IPS board. IPS boards have better shadings however the blacks aren’t as great. The Z35 has a VA board which implies the blacks will be better however the shadings will not be as great.

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Despite the fact that they utilize various kinds of board, the reaction time is something very similar at 4ms which is genuinely standard for these boards. The reaction time alludes to how quick the pixels can change from dark to white. A lower reaction time will forestall “ghosting”, which is basically movement obscure.

Highlights and Ports

Both of these screens use NVIDIA G-Sync innovation. This synchronizes your screen with your designs card to forestall screen tearing without the info slack of v-sync which is incredible for gaming. You will require a NVIDIA designs card to utilize this innovation however.

The two screens have 1 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI port. The X34 likewise has 4 USB ports and the Z35 has 5 USB ports.


As far as value, the X34 is a lot more costly than the Z35, however as I would like to think, the high goal and IPS board (which gives better shadings) makes it awesome for a screen of this size.

In the event that the X34 is excessively costly, you should think about an elective screen to the Z35. Either another 34/35″ screen with a 1440p goal, or a more modest 1080p screen.

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