Best Cheap Graphics Card 2022 (For Gaming from Budget to High-End)


Best Cheap Graphics Card 2022- There are various graphics cards in the market. But certain card tends to be cheap and also delivers worthy and quality product for the money paid. Such types of graphics card are manufactured by few companies where they are used in small PC. These graphics cards are used by the budget gamers looking for power and performance on their limited budget.

These graphics card come in low memory capacity and they do not support high-resolution games. Usually, it also does not support 4K resolution, but it would enhance your system’s picture quality. Let us see the list of the cheap graphics card as listed below. The various types of graphics card are:

Best Cheap Graphics CardBest Cheap Graphics Card 2022


This NVIDIA GTX 1060-3GB graphics card is an excellent budget graphics card which features a similar architecture and provides us with quality. This is a 6GB graphics card. The GTX 1060-3GB performs well as an overall graphics card. This 1060-3GB is a small sized graphics card. The single fan design enables the GTX 1060-3GB fits into almost every PC layout and case size. Essentially, you probably will not be able to tell the difference.

The numbers are confirmed. By running the MSI Gaming card in its silent mode, the GTX 1060 3GB we have here matches the reference clocks – with boost topping out just below 1.9GHz, just like its bigger brother. However, a 10 percent deficit in CUDA cores does indeed translate to the five percent drop in performance stated by NVidia. This delta is mitigated somewhat by the factory overclock found in our MSI model, which generally sits as a mid-point between reference GTX 1060 3GB and 6GB models. The NVIDIA GTX 1060-3GB processor, features and resolution are listed below.

AMD RX 580-4GB

This AMD RX 580-4GB is one of the cheap graphics card budget GPUs. This RX 580-4GB is not quite as powerful as the GTX 1060-6GB but has a fair amount more under the hood than the 1060-3GB version. In that, it is well placed for budget gamers looking for power and performance on a budget. Unlike the other budget gaming GPUs on this list, the following FPS estimates don’t come from User Benchmark.

More Budget-Friendly Graphics Card of 2019

The site doesn’t appear to differentiate between the 4GB and 8GB version. Rather, Euro gamer provides few excellent benchmarks for the RX 580-4GB. While it’s a minor update, the RX 580 is designed for those who did not fancy the RX 480 in 2016 and now have the budget willing to upgrade their gaming experience.


The successor to the GTX 1050 fits into a perfect fit for budget gaming. The NVidia GTX 1050ti-4GB offers a significant boost on its preceding models and competes directly with the similarly spaced AMD RX 580-4GB. But despite the GTX 1050ti hitting the market six months after the RX 580-4GB, the latter retains the edge with faster overall memory and memory bandwidth.

Graphics card is essentially an upgrade that you would want to gain a quality experience. It would be great if the upgrade fitted your budget. The above mentioned would come under your budget and also give you a great quality.

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