10 Best Dusters 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Best Dusters 2022 – Are you searching for new products? than you are at the correct page. As we have done our research for you guys. We have also written buyer’s guide for you.

Best Dusters

Best Dusters 2022

#01 – Jet Clean Microfiber Hand Duster-Feather Dust Appliances, Ceiling Fans, Blinds, Furniture, Shutters, Cars, Delicate Surfaces-Extension Pole Reach 25-44″

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#02 – Norpro Lambswool Duster, 61cm

Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle
  • Lambswool head measures: 12” x 7” / 30.5cm x 18cm, when fluffed
  • 100% pure premium quality lambswool contains natural lanolin which attracts and holds dust like a magnet! Soft texture will not scratch surfaces.
  • Wooden, one piece durable handle with leather hang loop, hangs for easy storage.
  • Perfect for narrow or hard to reached places. Ideal for ceiling fans, window blinds, computer screens, keyboards, plant leaves, dashboards, bookshelves and much more!
  • Easy to clean! Just spin the handle between your hands to release the dust!

#03 – GM Royal Ostrich Feather Duster (Mini Duster MG04 (14″), Black)

GM Ostrich Feather Duster (Mini Duster 14" Black)
  • Thousands of soft, tiny filaments found on each feather act as a magnet to effectively trap and hold dust particles.
  • 100% genuine ostrich feathers / 100% Handmade
  • Premium black soft and silky feathers.
  • Hand-selected genuine ostrich feathers are soft and flexible with a rich and silky appearance.
  • Easily captures dust particle without the use of harsh chemicals.

#04 – EVERSPROUT 5-to-14 Foot Flexible Microfiber Ceiling & Fan Duster (20+ Foot Reach) | Bendable to Clean Any Fan Blade | Removable & Washable Brush Head | 3-Stage Lightweight Aluminum Extension Pole

EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Flexible Microfiber Ceiling & Fan Duster (20+ Foot Reach) | Bendable to Clean Any Fan Blade | Removable & Washable Brush Head | 3-Stage Lightweight Aluminum Extension Pole
  • MICROFIBER ATTRACTS DUST, MACHINE WASHABLE FOR REUSE – Each Microfiber has a slight positive charge and is so tiny it’s 100 times finer than a human hair – this enables the Flexible Microfiber Ceiling and Fan Duster to attract, grab, and trap dust with ease. Once finished dusting, you can easily take off the sleeve and wash it in the washing machine with cool to warm water and let air dry. Instead of tossing cheap dusters constantly, you get to reuse this high-quality duster over and over again,
  • SAVE TIME, SKIP THE LADDER – REACH UP TO 20+ FEET WHEN STANDING – Included is an Eversprout Extension Pole (4.5 to 12 ft) and Flexible Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster (25” x 4” x 4”). Microfiber Duster twists onto 3-Stage Aluminum Extension Pole & extends to any custom length from 5-to-14 Feet. Reach up to 20+ feet when standing.
  • THE EVERSPROUT ADVANTAGE – 1 YEAR WARRANTY, MIND-BLOWING USA CUSTOMER SERVICE, 1 TREE PLANTED WITH EVERY ORDER – When’s the last time you had a shopping experience that ‘Wowed’ you? Probably not in a while. Here at Eversprout we match Amazing, Hand-Inspected & Packaged Products with incredible USA customer service.
  • ARRIVES FLAT, BENDABLE TO ANY SHAPE TO CLEAN HIGH CEILING FANS - The Flexible Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster can be bent to any shape so you can clean your high ceiling fans, no matter what type of fan blade! Ideal for cleaning tall ceiling fans but also great for other hard to reach spots inside and outside: high ceilings, tight corners, walls, blinds, shelves, fan and light fixtures, window screens, baseboards and more!
  • THE ULTIMATE EXTENSION POLE ON THE MARKET TODAY – Lightweight Aluminum pole weighs only 1.5 pounds and is very sturdy. Non-Slip Foam Hand Grips for comfort and reliable grip in wet conditions. Frustration Free Flip-Tab Locking Mechanism means NO SECTIONS GETTING STUCK like traditional twist-lock poles, AND allows any custom length between 4.5 and 12 ft. 3/4” Acme Thread Pole Tip is made of metal alloy for durability – compatible with any Eversprout Attachment with over 10x Potential Uses.

#05 – Microfiber Feather Duster with Telescoping Extension Pole | 50”-70” High Reaching Hypoallergenic Dust Cleaner | Flexible Cleaning Head | Extendable Tool for Ceiling Fan, Blinds and Cobweb Removal

Microfiber Feather Duster with Telescoping Extension Pole | 50”-70” High Reaching Hypoallergenic Dust Cleaner | Flexible Cleaning Head | Extendable Tool for Ceiling Fan, Blinds and Cobweb Removal
  • CLEAN MORE THOROUGHLY: Get to areas other dusters can’t the effortless way. Unlike other cleaners with rigid heads that struggle to dust around corners and tricky spots, our microfiber duster has a cleaning head that is flexible and bendable up to 90°. This means thorough dusting every time.
  • TELESCOPING CONVENIENCE: No more dangerously balancing on stools trying to reach high areas. With an extendable handle that telescopes from 50” to 70”, this microfiber feather duster is the best way to clean blinds, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, framed pictures and clear cobwebs.
  • MAKE WORK EASIER: You’ll love the 20” long microfiber head that cleans a large area with every pass. Featuring innovative split fiber technology, it becomes electrostatically charged as you use it, attracting dust, pollen and hairs with ease. Use it wet or dry to get your space spick-and-span.
  • MAINTENANCE MADE SIMPLE: Want to clean the hypoallergenic duster? It couldn’t be simpler. Just slide the head off the telescopic wand, soak it in warm water, rinse, and air dry. We’ve also designed the base of the extending rod with a hanging hole to make storage very space-friendly.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Get a microfiber cleaner you won’t be replacing anytime soon. While others easily break or wear out, we’ve taken the premium route by combining a sturdy yet lightweight handle with a high-quality microfiber head. Go ahead, keep your space enviably clean with a duster that lasts.

Things to consider when buying car dusters are as follows:

Getting a grip:

Having a duster that you can hold onto is imperative for you to feel comfortable every time you use it. There are molded grips made of plastic, wood, and stainless steel. You do not want to run into a situation where you get an uncomfortable handle because then it puts pressure on your hand and the duster.

In turn, you may damage your hand, the duster, or your vehicle that you are trying to clean. Get a duster that you can grasp steadily and easily.

Easy usage:

Speaking of easy, can you reach any area with your duster? Think about the vehicle you have. If you have a small sedan, most dusters can reach what you need. But, if you have a huge, lifted truck, it will be much more difficult to clean the dirt areas without an extendable handle. Pick the kind of handle you need to make your cleaning experience super easy. Do not forget to get a duster that can clean cup holders, air vents, etc.

Also, you may want to find a handle that can bend or stretch without breaking. This will give you more flexibility wherever you clean your vehicle. A telescopic handle is certainly the best bang for your buck here. Just pick a product that makes your life easier and not harder. You would think everyone would know this, but a lot of people settle for something that gets them bye, instead of eases the workday stressors.

Do not discount durability:

Of course, we all what things we purchase to last. Dusters should be no exception. The quality of your duster matters and so does the manufacturer. Find a duster that is made of heavy-duty materials, like stainless steel. Plastic and wood seem to crack more quickly over time. If a breakage occurs, it could hurt your car, you or both.

Ability to use again:

When you buy something, it is great when you can use it again. Throwing a duster after one use can start to get a little expensive. Products like swiffer are a nice concept and allow you to toss your mess away when you are finished, but it comes with a price.

You will have to buy more and more to keep up with the cleaning when you can just as well buy one duster. Many dusters can be cleaned to use year after year. Some even come with a warranty to help you know that if it breaks, the company will give you another one to use again.

Even, because you think about the climate, purchasing one duster is safer for the world than having a multitude of refills you’ll dump in the garage when you’re done. Sure, out of sight out of mind might be the phrase here, but setting our future generations up for success is a must to keep humanity and our planet alive. Even buying one eco-friendly duster could go a long way in our world.

How much versatility do you want?

You must have a duster that can clean more than your vehicle. If your duster can be used for other things, like cleaning a house, boat, etc., you will be well on your way to getting stuff down week after week.


By having a duster that cleans multiple spaces and things, you will cut costs and have one great product, making it your favorite cleaning item.

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