Free Superhero Wallpaper in 4K for Mobile Phone using an Android App

I just love Free Superhero Wallpaper!

Free Superhero Wallpaper in 4K for Mobile Phone using an Android App

Free Superhero Wallpaper in 4K for Mobile Phone using an Android App

I never miss any superhero movie just because I’m the biggest fan.

So, I always want my favorite superheroes around me lol but it’s not possible.

Hence, I’m using Superhero Wallpaper on my office walls, mobile screen wallpaper, and computer desktop wallpaper etc.

That’s the major reason, why I love mobile wallpaper apps. Because the mobile phone is the most used product during my day.

I found the best way to use fresh wallpaper thought mobile app instead of searching wallpapers online and facing problems such as wallpaper size and quality issues.

But the question is,

How do you find out best wallpaper app that provides fresh superhero wallpapers?

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Since it’s a cup of tea for me and one of my favorite activity. I have decided to make this post for you guys so that you do not need to research and test each of those wallpaper apps and suffer your smartphone from installation and uninstallation problem.

So, let’s get started…

#01 – Superheroes Wallpapers 4K

Superheroes Wallpapers | 4K Backgrounds

4.7 Star with Over 16,477 Reviews

It’s one of the most popular and most downloaded ‘Superhero Wallpaper’ mobile application in the Google play store with over 10M download.

This app is extremely easy to use. It’s only 4.8 MB app with the version of but it will require minimum 4.3 android version.

You can simply download the application if you are looking for ultra-high definition wallpapers for free.


– Their Wallpapers are in 4K quality.

– They have almost all type of Superhero wallpaper.

– They have more than 1000+ wallpapers.

– They have more than actor and actress wallpaper.

– Superheroes/superheroine and supervillains characters.

– New pictures and backgrounds added automatically.

– Option to download wallpapers for offline use.

– One-click to Save Wallpaper.

– One-click to Share wallpapers.

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– Shuffle Option to shuffle wallpapers and get surprised.

#02 – Superheroes Wallpapers

Superheroes Wallpapers

4.6 Star with Over 19,612 Reviews

It’s one of the highest rated Superheros Wallpaper android apps, is the most popular app on the Google play store they always come up with new ideas to entertain their app users. Whenever new superhero movie launch they always have a new section with fresh and quality wallpapers.

It’s the biggest app on the list today over 500,000 downloads, which is 5.8MB size wherein the latest updated version is 1.5 but it will require 5.0 android version minimum.

You do not need to worry about anything, just click on the download button and enjoy the entertainment!


– Universal app, install on any Android device.
– Amazing collection of Superheroes wallpapers.
– Daily New High-Quality Superheroes Wallpapers arrival.
– 10+ categories to choose from.
– Minimal & Beautiful User Interface.
– Beautiful layout with a material dark theme.
– One-click Wallpaper setup.
– One-click Wallpaper save.
– One-click Share wallpapers.
– Make your own Favorite wallpaper list.
– Shuffle Option to shuffle wallpapers and get surprised.
– Swipe to change: You can easily swipe to change wallpapers.
– The app is 100% Free to use.

#03 – Superheroes Wallpapers QHD

Superheroes Wallpapers QHD

4.6 Star with Over 426 Reviews

Yet another best superhero wallpaper app of 2018, that you can use unlimited time and download unlimited wallpaper of your favorite character.

With gigantic data and feature, this app is having a size of 7.3MB it’s pretty big. with over 100,000 downloads and 1.3 version of the app as well as android 4.2 is required minimum.

I know you must be willing to download it now, feel free to use the below-mentioned button to download the app.

Things You Gonna Love About This App

Easy to Use: App is totally easy to use with butter smooth UI. You can search for your favorite superhero wallpaper, download the wallpaper or directly set any superhero wallpaper HD to your device’s background.

The Swiping Fever: Just swipe to use each area of application. Swipe left or right to switch between latest, popular superhero wallpapers or have a look into categories. You can also swipe and look for next or previous wallpaper. Apart from this, you can also swipe up while browsing a wallpaper to see similar images. For example: If you’re a big fan of Iron Man, then you can directly browse most of his images by swiping up.

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Categories: Finding your favorite superhero pictures is easy with the search option. But to make it easier and better, we’ve categorized everything. In the categories section, you will find all the marvel wallpaper, DC wallpaper categorized by movie/comic name. We have got the huge collection of superhero backgrounds from popular movies like Justice League, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Superman, Deadpool, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel etc. You can also filter these categorized wallpapers by latest and popular.

Marvel Wallpaper: The hottest collection of Marvel Superheroes Wallpaper is one tap away. We’re doing our best to list every marvel characters wallpaper for your downloading needs. We’ve already covered most of free marvel superhero wallpapers including Iron Man Wallpapers, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers Wallpapers.

DC Comics Wallpaper: If you’re a DC extended universe fan, then this app is worth giving a try. We’ve got your favorite superhero wallpapers of popular dc superheroes like The Flash, Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc.

Search Wallpapers of Superheroes: Search superheroes HD wallpaper easily. You can search by their superhero name or through their real name. You can find lots of wallpapers of your favorite heroes including Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Eric Bana, and others.

Super Villain Wallpapers: Not just superheroes, but we’ve given some space to supervillains too! You can easily download super villain wallpapers to your Android device in HD format using this app. You will find the finest wallpaper images of Thanos, Loki, and other villains.

Tap to Zoom: Open a wallpaper and just tap on it to zoom and watch the superhero wallpaper more clearly.

HD Quality: Each and every superhero wallpaper is available in high quality. Yes, we know that Marvel and DC fans do never compromise with quality. You can easily and quickly download wallpaper of your favorite Marvel and DC characters in HD, QHD, UHD & 4K qualities.

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My Collection: Watch your favorite images, liked images and downloaded images in my collection folder.

#04 – SuperHero Wallpapers HD

SuperHero Wallpapers HD

4.4 Star with Over 355 Reviews

Indeed best app but it’s fresh and new app in the Google play store. So far it’s good well and doing wonderfully in the Google play store. That’s the major reason why I have listed it here.

This app has everything you need from 4.4 android mobile os minimum requirements to 3.1.7 app latest version with over 50,000 downloads. That shows that users are loving it.

That’s major reason of listing this app in the list. I hope you liked it. Just download it from below link.


🔰 HD quality superhero wallpapers and backgrounds.

🔰 Large choice of superheroes/superheroine and supervillains characters.

🔰 New pictures and backgrounds added automatically.

🔰 Option to download wallpapers for offline use.

🔰 Automatically change your wallpaper every day with your favorite wallpapers

🔰 The clean and Neat user interface

SuperHero HD Wallpaper Categories:

💥 Iron Man
💥 Hulk
💥 Flash
💥 Captain America
💥 Star wars
💥 Batman
💥 Hellboy
💥 Green Arrow
💥 Guardians of the Galaxy
💥 Venom
💥 Deathstroke
💥 Carnage
💥 Doctor Strange
💥 The Incredibles
💥 Daredevil
💥 Injustice 2
💥 Avengers
💥 Ant-Man
💥 Superheroine
💥 Green Lantern
💥 X-Men
💥 Deadpool
💥 Thor
💥 Superman
💥 Spider-Man
💥 Jocker

#05 – Superheroes Wallpapers

Superheroes Wallpapers App

4.6 Star with Over 426 Reviews

It’s a pretty new mobile app to enter our top 5 list, but it’s still worth it. As I said, I will keep updating the post. So that you always have unique and trending wallpaper on your mobile screen.

This mobile app got 273 reviews pretty fast, which is hard to get in such a short time. The application has been downloaded more than 30,000 times and it’s having 2.1 app version which is running on almost all the Andriod OS.


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