Jive Mini Pods Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Jive Mini Pods Review 2022 – Are you looking to buy wireless headphones? Jive Mini Pods are the best thing to buy. That’s the reason they’re so convenient and user-friendly! Besides having disturbing hanging cords all over, these wireless earbuds make easier than ever to answer calls and listening to music.

Also, if you’re not ready to pay more for your headphones, the Jive Mini Pods can be your best buying option! They’re even so much incredible and affordable to grab easily. So, continue reading the Jive Mini Pods review to check how this Bluetooth device works.

Jive Mini Pods Review

Jive Mini Pods Review 2022

The Jive Mini Pods are the best option to buy greater quality wireless headphones without paying the costly brand value! This incredible sound device is comparatively better than your average headphones. Also, these wireless headphones will last for 30-hours, which is higher than other branded wireless earbuds that lasts for 24 hours. They have the same sound quality but available at a reasonable price tag. So, for what you’re waiting now?

One of the noted features of the Jive Mini Pods is on its user-friendly technology, which allows easy connectivity via Bluetooth. Thus, the features and quality of this incredible device are comparatively similar to the original version Apple iPods.

Therefore, let’s discuss further the features and advantages of the Jive Mini Pods in details-

Features of Jive Mini Pods

Unlike other branded wireless headphones, this top-notch device is an utmost user-friendly earbuds with the elements of-

  • Excellent sound quality and headphone
  • Compatible with all devices (Android, Apple, or All Branded Laptops and Smartphones)
  • Waterproof and sweat-resistance
  • Instant Bluetooth pairing mechanism
  • Beamforming noise reduction mechanism
  • Power-pact batter life

Advantages of Jive Mini Pods

The following are remarkable advantages of this incredible sound device-

  • With these top-notch quality Bluetooth headphones, you hardly require to use your smartphones as the device makes your sound experience touch better with taking calls and music control with one touch.
  • Therefore, you can play songs, skip or even decrease or increase volume with one touch on the side of the Jive Mini Pods. This device has even been selected as the most incredible wireless earbuds in 2019. It also offers thirty days money-back guarantee for every purchase.
  • As an outcome, there are ample buyers of the Jive Mini Pods. It can easily and instantly connect to any device (laptops or smartphones) that enabled with Bluetooth.
  • The Jive Mini Pods battery charger has 3.0 mechanisms that offer up to 30-hours of battery life, making it highly compatible with the buyers. Also, fast charging options and minimum power consumption for all-day taking calls and listening to music are the reasons behind its higher sale.

How to Use Jive Mini Pods?

If you’re trying wireless earbuds for the first time, you need to learn a few tips, so you can better use the Jive Mini Pods. Here are your significant tips for buying this incredible device:

  •  Connect to Bluetooth

To start these devices make sure to turn on the headphones and turn on Bluetooth on your laptop or smartphone. To look out for the available devices until you get the device connected.

  • Charge in Between Uses

To maximum run your wireless headphones, make sure to charge them in regular intervals when you aren’t listing g to music or answering calls. These practices will make sure that the battery is always at full capacity.

  • Find Out the Tap Option

To adjust volume, skip or replay songs, pause your song, and hit song play, simply make the habit of touching your pods on the side.

Also, the user needs to learn how to do each of these!

How Does the Jive Mini Pods Works?

In this digital era, the Jive Mini Pods have been the latest buzz. It is even today’s most preferred wireless earbuds that are highly user-friendly, which is compatible with all devices.

The Jive Mini Pods is featured with a studio-quality 32-ohm stereo sound that creates music impact on listeners, along with a high standard of the microphone and highly-anticipated firepower. This device is designed in such a way that users no need to experience any audio breakdown. Also, it is perfect for all ears types and utmost useful for Bluetooth users.

The outer shell of the Jive Mini Pods is sealed and the interior is hydrophobic nano coated that’s suitable for all weather conditions. This mini wireless headphone will also offer users with a satisfaction guarantee.

What is the Price Tag of the Jive Mini Pods?

The Jive Mini Pods starts at $198 with better sound effects and the latest technology. Whereas, a single pair of AirPods starts at $159, and $250 for Pro AirPods or the Charging Case. Also, the Jive Mini Pods are presently available at a discounted price, which is around $59.96. And buyers can enjoy more discounts if more deals are available! These top-notch sound quality earbuds are counting on more buyers. Therefore, you’ve the option to save more on your first purchase.

Where to Buy the Jive Mini Pods?

 The best option to buy these incredible sound devices is in the online market.

If you’re opting to but the Jive Mini Pods will provide you with a 50% exclusive discount in various online stores. In western countries like Australia, USA, and Canada this top-notch Bluetooth headphone has prolific demand and usage as well. Also, buyers have the option to buy the product directly from the manufacturer via their websites.

How the Jive Mini Pods Differ From Other Wireless Headphones?

The Jive Mini Pods have lots of unmatched and unique features that differentiate it from other top-branded pods. This incredible device automatically appears in sync with your device (smartphone or laptop), which makes it much easier to answer calls and listening to music. It even monitors and tracks the battery status to alert you, which other branded pods lacking behind.

Therefore, if the number of buyers increases day-by-day of the Jive Mini Pods, then it will be a celebrating moment for all the users. Too often answer calls and enjoy listening to music always, you need to have high-quality audio reception. So, the Jive Mini Pods seems to be excellent innovation of the present generation mostly of wireless earbuds.

You have seen grand advertisements about Apple Airpods and you wanted a pair for yourself. But the hefty price stalls you. You sigh and shy away from buying. Well, you aren’t alone. Most of us have craved for the hassle-free Airpods, only to be disappointed by the price tag. But there is some good news for you. There is an alternative in the market that is as good as the Airpods that you crave for, only it is way more affordable. The Jive mini pods are a fantastic introduction in a market that is crowded with all sorts of Bluetooth, cordless earpods.

Ever since the Jive mini pods came to the market, they have gained unprecedented popularity. They are not only cheaper but create a fantastic experience for all music lovers. You can expect the same high quality as you would from a pair of Airpods but without burning a hole in your pocket. These mini pods, indeed, take convenience and comfort to the next level.

The low price of the Jive mini pods can make you skeptical. Who in their right mind would offer a quality product at such a low cost? Is it even possible to get a quality product at such a low cost? Is this a scam? All these questions may cloud your mind and make your doubtful. But if you take a closer look at the features of these mini pods, you will very well understand that this is no scam. It is a high-quality product that comes with features that you can find only in the best brands. Let’s talk about some of the most interesting features of these mini pods:

  1. They are wireless.
  2. Made of durable, high-quality materials.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design for the best experience.
  1. They come equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth, i.e. 5.0.
  2. The earpods can receive sharp signals up to a distance of 10 meters.
  3. They have a bass boost facility.
  • They offer binaural stereo sound quality with a 3D effect.
  • It comes with a 6000 mAh powerful battery that offers 30 hours of runtime.
  1. They are equipped with noise reduction technology.
  2. They are sweat-proof and water-proof.
  3. In-built LED indicator to display charging/ON status.
  • Features quick charge 3.0 technology.
  • It can pair with iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.
  • Battery level monitor for smartphones.
  1. Has calling, play, and pause buttons for easy use.
  • A power button for easy on/off facility

The array of features that the Jive mini pods come with can be overwhelming for anyone. These mini pods have been made to compete with the best in the market while still being pocket-friendly. So, don’t be amazed when you see features that even the top brands cannot promise.

Why Buy the Jive Mini Pods?

Well, if the fantastic features and the incredible price of these mini pods haven’t convinced you enough, let’s understand how a pair of these mini pods can change the way you talk or listen to music.

  1. Wireless feature

Wireless earpods are a must if you want to avoid the struggle with tangled cords. These mini pods eliminate the hassle. You just need to connect them to the device and put them on. Say no to tangles forever!

  1. Sound quality

If you love listening to music while working out, working, or commuting, a pair of these mini pods would be your best companion. It creates a surround sound experience that is soothing to your ears. The immersive effect isn’t lost even if you are on busy streets. With the latest beamforming noise reduction technology, you can expect nothing but music playing in your ears. The manufacturers have done a great job with the microphone as well. The microphone will capture clear sound by muting all surrounding noise.

  1. Fit

A common problem with many wireless earpods is that they keep falling out. That is not only inconvenient but problematic as well. If they fall out on the streets, you may lose them forever. But that problem has been mitigated in the Jive mini pods. These pods use the in-ear seal design so that they stay put at all times, even during workouts. The manufacturers have taken things a bit further and tested these mini pods on more than 100 human ear shapes to ensure a perfect fit.

  1. Waterproof

We all have heard claims about waterproof earpods. While some earpods are, indeed, waterproof, many fail to rise to glory. The mini pods from Jive are a class apart. Not only are they resistant to sweat, but they can also withstand rain and showers. So, if you cannot live without music while taking a shower or while walking in the rain, the Jive mini pods are for you. The hydrophobic coating on these earpods keeps the water out for good.

  1. Battery life

If you use your earphones a lot, you need the mini pods a lot. Why? Because the mini pods from Jive have incredibly long battery life. 30 hours of runtime is enough even for avid music lovers or those who love to talk for hours together. And you do not need to worry about charging them often. A 15 minute charge time would give you more than 2 hours of runtime. When fully charged, you can use the mini pods for the entire day.

  1. Compatibility

Unlike the overpriced Airpods that offer full connectivity features only to iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices that run on iOS 10 or higher, these mini pods can connect to all devices that you may have. So, whether you want to stream your favorite movies on your smart TV or want to lose yourself in your playlist, these mini pods are what you need.

  1. Looks

Anyone who says looks don’t matter when it comes to gadgets is kidding themselves. Would you pay for a pair of earpods if they looked hideous? You wouldn’t. Everyone likes something sleek and unique. At a time when white Airpods are all that you can see, the black Jive mini pods will surely attract attention.

Who is it for?

Although the mini pods are made for all, people who want to enjoy hassle-free communication and music will be most benefited. So, people of any age (even the elderly) can get a pair for themselves. The sleek design makes it good for both men and women.

How to use the mini pods?

Using the mini pods is as simple as you can think.

  1. Start by long-pressing the power button to turn the device on.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices available and select the one you want to connect to.
  1. The mini pods connect to the device automatically.

That’s all that you need to do to start using the pods. To hit play, skip songs, pause music, or control volume, you need to simply tap the pods. You will quickly get the hang of it. It is recommended that you put the mini pods on charge when are not being used. This will give you uninterrupted runtime when you need them. If you travel long distances quite often and want to use the mini pods throughout the entire journey, it would be best that you use one pod at a time. Keep the other one in the case to keep it charged. When one pod runs out of battery, you can use the other one. This way, you will get double the run time.

What Are Users Saying About the Jive Mini Pods?

The mini pods haven’t been in the market for long, but it sure has made its mark. Users across the world have liked the features, quality, and of course, the incredible price of the product from Jive. Rave reviews from buyers have emerged on all platforms. Users are satisfied with this new entry to the market of earpods. It has also been shared and talked about on media like Gizmodo, US TechCrunch, USAToday, HuffPost, etc. The product has been searched repeatedly on all search engines. This makes it nothing short of a sensation.

How to buy the Jive Mini Pods?

Buying these fantastic earpods is quite simple. You can simply go to the manufacturer’s website to order your mini pods which costs $198. You can also avail of fantastic deals that are on offer on many platforms. You can get up to 70% off on the purchase of the Jive mini pods. This is, obviously, a nice saving for anyone. But before you place an order, be sure that you are not being duped. Many unscrupulous sellers have mushroomed with the intent of scamming people in the name of Jive. It is suggested that you buy only from a reputed source.


If talks about Jive mini pods scams have made you doubtful, it is high time that you see past these mere rumors. These earpods are a good alternative to any popular brand that sells at a steep price and have features to impress one and all. So, order yourself a pair today and see the difference.

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